The Piccadilly Area Neighborhood is located in central London. It is situated just north of the Woodfield neighborhood. Its boundary lines go from Richmond Street down to Elizabeth street, and start up at Oxford Street and go straight down to and then follow the curve of the CPR train tracks. This location is close to the downtown core, as well as being close to Old East. 


Piccadilly has a mix of types of houses that range from large, 19th century historic house with stunning brick work and architecture, to small, square post-war bungalows, to newer homes that have been built within the 20th century. While most of the homes in this neighborhood are single family homes, there are also some apartment buildings and some of the houses have been converted for renting. 

While this neighborhood is largely residential, there is a commercial strip along Richmond and Oxford Street. It’s also close to a few shopping plazas, making it an ideal location. Because of its proximity to downtown, as well as the fact that it’s close to multiple transit routes and has quick and easy access to the University of Western Ontario and its affiliated University Colleges, it has a large number of homes within this neighborhood that rent. Whether they rent the whole house, or part of the house, Piccadilly is home to many students during the school year. 

This neighborhood has the Piccadilly Area Neighborhood Association (PANA). They have three main objectives: help create a sense of community among the residents, to maintain the character of this neighborhood, and to be a liaison between the City of London and the residents of the neighborhood. They host events throughout the year and even have a Facebook page where they post about events in nearby cafes or restaurants, and raise any issues that they might be experiencing in the neighborhood. 


St. George’s Public School is located just North of this neighborhood and is in walking distance for some families. The Montessori Academy of London is located within this neighborhood. Montessori is a private academy that focuses on cultivating excellence and providing children with the best possible start in life. They have education for kids from toddler age up to Junior High students. This neighborhood is also located close to the University of Western Ontario, Brescia University College, and Huron College. 


  • St. George’s Public School
  • Lord Roberts French Immersion Public School
  • St. Michael Catholic School
  • St. John French Immersion Catholic School


  • Central Secondary School
  • H.B Beal Secondary School
  • Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School
  • Mother Teresa Secondary School
  • Catholic Central High 


The Piccadilly Area Neighborhood has plenty of amenities. It has two parks in the area, lots of incredible places to eat, and has multiple conveniences. On top of that, there are plenty of extra shopping, restaurants, bars, necessities, and parks that are close by to the neighborhood. 

This neighborhood is great for people who enjoy walking. Strolling around downtown London is a great way to spend an afternoon and any sunny summer day can be spent at any of the great parks close by. Plus, since there are so many great necessities close by, you can walk to things like the bank or the grocery store, which helps you live a more active lifestyle. 

Because Piccadilly Area Neighborhood is so close to downtown, enjoying nightlife in this neighborhood is super easy and will save you expensive cab fares at the end of the evening. On top of that, date night has never had so many great options! You can see a play at The Grande Theatre, grab a delicious bite to eat, and then walk under the stars and moon back home. 

For close by entertainment, Palasad is at Adelaide and Oxford street and can be fun for the whole family. Escapology and Exodus Escape Room are also close by. Once you try an escape room you’ll want to do them! There are also a number of bars and pubs close by that have trivia nights, bingo nights, comedy nights, live music, and so much more. 

The who parks within the neighborhood are Piccadilly and McMahen. Piccadilly Park has tennis courts, a half basketball court, and multiple play structures. McMahen Park has a baseball diamond, a play structure, and even a wading pool! Both parks have beautiful green space and area a great place for families. Victoria Park, Ann Street Park, Gibbon’s Park, and Doidge Park are all also close by and can be within walking distance. With so many great options, the summertime is a haven in the Piccadilly Area Neighborhood. 

Weekly errands can be a pain, but with so many necessities close by, residents of this neighborhood can get through their to-do lists quickly and easily. There is a Shoppers Drug Mart, Sunripe Fresh Market, Valu-mart, Rexall, The Beerstore, Urban Outfitters, gas stations, banks, LCBO, Wine Rack, and Real Canadian Superstore all close by. There is even The Laundry Cafe, which has laundry machines, a television, a pool table, a bar, and a cafe there. 

For delicious eats, Haven’s Creamery, Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes, The Bag Lady Variety, Frank & Gus Pizza, Pizza Studio, Campus Hi Fi, Triniman Kitchen, Chopstick House, B&B Snack Bar, Wendys, and Subway are all within the neighborhood and will keep residents satisfied. On top of that, Richmond is full of even more incredible options. 

Coffee and tea lovers will love the fact that Locomotive Espresso, The Tea Lounge, Black Walnut Bakery Cafe, and Tim Hortons are all within the neighborhood. 

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